I’ve always been interested in DIY body care products and over the last few years, I’ve experimented with body lotions, rubs, scrubs, shampoo, soap, lip balm, and even toothpaste. One thing I’ve always wanted to try, but have yet to, is deodorant! When I’m at the drugstore I’m always on the hunt for the most natural brand I can find, but I’m still curious about creating my own!

If you’ve ever thought about making your own deodorant, I’ve collected a few recipes that I’m hoping to try out this year. Some solid, some powder, all made with natural, easy-to-find ingredients. Let’s give it a go!

Make Your Own Homemade Natural Deodorant

The deodorant recipe from MindBodyGreen is the perfect basic recipe for getting started. It only has four different ingredients and you can customize it with your favorite essential oils if you like. I know I love deodorants with lemongrass, so I think that’s what I want to try!

Live Simply whipped up a deodorant recipe that I know will smell amazing! This one contains one of the most useful essential oils you can have in your arsenal — lavender! (Be sure to check out my lavender essential oil post to learn even MORE ways to use it!)

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try the homemade deodorant from Thank Your Body. This recipe contains shea butter and beeswax too. I know my skin LOVES to be treated with a shea butter lotion, so why wouldn’t my underarms? 🙂

Arrowroot flour and cornstarch are used in most homemade deodorant recipes. Check out the recipe from Making Today Beautiful and read about arrowroot flour and how much she loves using this deodorant over store-bought varieties.

Easy Peasy Organic calls their concoction “the best you’ll ever use”. It’s a cream + powder combination that has me totally intrigued. They’ve also done the math and it looks like just over $2.00 worth will keep you and your partner smelling great for a month!

The addition of clay (such as bentonite) makes for a somewhat different deodorant than you might be used to, but I have a feeling this recipe from Sustain, Create and Flow would smell incredible.