You may very well be one of those people who give your neighbors gifts. I know that I used to be that person and then I got all new neighbors in the span of like 2 months and it just seemed like an awful lot of work to break in so many new people all in one go. So instead, I cover styrofoam heads with purple goopy alginate on my driveway and try to pretend like no one is staring at me from their kitchen windows. We all know the score.

Rabbit Mason Gift Jars - Easter Craft DIY Tutorial

But back in the day, I absolutely loved giving my neighbors holiday-themed gifts. Dozens of types of Christmas cookies on platters, crazy chocolate covered caramel apples with neon green and orange-tinted white chocolate, cascarones at Easter. But those days are gone. Being antisocial is much cheaper, by the way. But my parents are not. They love their neighbors and their neighbors love them. So, since I’ve been at my parents’ house for the last weekend, it only made sense to craft up some goodies they could give to the neighbors if they choose.

For this project you will need:

  • Food safe jars
  • Bunny ear headbands (got mine  at Michael’s)
  • Bunny face suckers (got mine at CVS)
  • Medium size pompoms
  • Hot glue gun
  • Dremel tool or knife

Somebunny Special Gift Jars - Easter Craft Tutorial

These particular jars worked really well for this project because the front is fairly flat. I got them for 40% off of $7.99 by making multiple trips to accumulate my supplies. They also sell these jars at Wal-Mart for comparable prices. When planning on filling any kind of jar with foodstuffs, be sure that the jar is specifically marked as “food safe”.

Somebunny Special Gift Jars - Easter Craft Tutorial

Toward the bottom of one side of the jar, hot glue on your pom pom for a bunny tail.

Somebunny Special Gift Jars - Easter Craft Tutorial

Now, I honestly didn’t get pictures of the next part because my dad was antsy to help and he did it for me, but take a knife or a Dremel tool and cut away the lollipop part and the face part in two. Be sure to cut so that the face will sit flush with the glass. If using a Dremel, note that cutting at the sucker part with one of those sanding circle things will result in cotton candy. Children will be incredibly impressed.

Take hot glue and attach to the glass up high, centered on the opposite side of the bunny’s tail.

Somebunny Special Gift Jars - Easter Craft Tutorial

Here is one of my headbands from Michael’s. Super cute, isn’t it? My initial plan had been to find ears and add on flowers and bows and whatnot but this totally simplified this project into the 5-minute category.  Just rip that sucker off and get ready to glue.

Somebunny Special Gift Jars - Easter Craft Tutorial

Screw the lid onto the jar. This is really, really important because if you don’t your ears won’t match up with the face. Trust me on this one. Hot glue your ears onto the lid in about the center. Add any bows, ribbons, etc. to embellish. Oh, and look at my mom’s super clean hot glue gun. Mine looks like a hot glue factory exploded on it and this one is so pristine. I was impressed.Rabbit Mason Gift Jars  Easter Craft DIY Tutorial

Fill your jars up with Easter goodies, like jelly beans or Robin’s eggs – whatever strikes your fancy.

Rabbit Mason Gift Jars  Easter Craft DIY Tutorial

Grand total for each jar, including $4 of jelly beans ran around $10. Get cheaper candy, or candy in bulk at someplace like Costco or Sam’s club and your cost each is going to go down considerably. Make these cuties and make friends with your neighbors, or not. Happy Easter!