I know, I know, this issue is so played out, but I couldn’t help myself.  I originally brought this up in our forum, but wanted to move it into a blog post as well.

Does Spanking Really Work?

Here is what I said, with some follow-ups:

Spanking has been on my mind since watching a Dr. Phil episode yesterday. According to the statistics given by Babycenter.com, 50% of parents spank. I don’t believe in spanking personally and I really try not to judge those who spank, but it is admittedly difficult for me to accept, too. I certainly believe in disciplines like time-outs and taking away privileges. In our home, there is no doubt that mom and dad are in charge and must be listened to and respected, but without the threat of spanking.

Dr. Phil said statistics show that spanked children are more violent and commit more crimes as adults.  Do you think there is merit in that?  I know that statistics are not always accurate or non-biased, so it’s hard to give statistics on spanking any merit, but it is an interesting study.

I may be one of few in my generation who was not spanked as a child.  It is completely foreign to me, which makes it even harder for me to understand why parents do it.  I have trouble understanding the logic or benefits, other than it being a fast form of discipline.

Some of those that I am close to who were spanked as children do have anger issues and some even have violent tendencies.  This obviously isn’t necessarily the case for the entire population of adults who were spanked as children, but it still teaches me something.

Sure, I get extremely frustrated as a mom, especially going through the toddler years with my youngest, but I would never spank him. I also would never hit my husband, family members, or friends, unless my life was in danger.

So, what are your thoughts? If you do spank, please share your experiences with us.