I have always said that my favorite room in my house is my KITCHEN. While that might be a bit of a cliche, I think it’s true for a LOT of other moms out there. This Mother’s Day, I pre-gave myself the treat of finally hiring someone to clean my house (oh how my kitchen sparkles!), and if YOU want to treat the moms in YOUR life to something really amazing, then I think just about anything in the kitchen improvement area would be well received.

You don’t have to go full renovation style, but there are lots of easy and wonderful ways to make your kitchen a space that mom loves EVEN more — and you don’t even have to hire a cleaner to do it. Take a peek below at some of my favorite Mother’s Day kitchen ideas below and have fun treating mom this May!

Spruce Up The Kitchen For Mom This Mother’s Day

5 Ways To Spruce Up The Kitchen For Mom This Mother’s Day!


These awesome towels are not only thoughtful and useful… let’s be honest, they totally crack me up! Make mom laugh with this cool gift idea from Addicted 2 DIY!


A cake stand makes a fantastic corral for all those bits that you need around the kitchen sink, such as cloths, sponges, soaps, and beyond. You can make your very own DIY Cake Stand by following this awesome project via Natalme!


If you’re anything like me, most of your recipes are found online these days, and while I don’t tend to mind if my paper cookbooks get a little flour and gravy on them, I’m more concerned when I slop ingredients on my iPad. Make this stand for mom and she’ll be ready to rock out any blogged recipe in no time! Check out the how-to over at Mamie Jane’s.


Help mom keeps her gorgeous stand mixer from getting dusty and greasy in the kitchen. Follow the directions at My ½ Dozen Daily to make her a cover that’ll do the trick.


These colorfully painted kitchen utensils over at Cleverly Simple would make a great gift for mom! Plus, you can get super keen on it and paint them in the colors that will match her kitchen perfectly!