I’m sharing some delicious strudel recipes that I’d love to try this season! Which one is making YOU drool?

With autumn comes a craving for comfort foods. As soon as I feel that first crisp night or see those first few leaves turn orange, I’m all about cider, pumpkin spice, soups, and (let’s be honest here) anything carb-heavy. It’s hard to crave a healthy fruit salad when there are pies and hot chocolate to be had.

One thing that I could always count on happening in the fall when I was a kid, is that my gramma would always make strudel. I can still remember how her house would smell when she was baking up a storm and to this day I still crave those flaky pastries as soon as summer starts to sing it’s a swan song.

Today, as I can spy quite a few yellow and reddish leaves on the trees outside, I’m sharing some delicious strudel recipes that I’d love to try this season! Which one is making YOU drool? 🙂

7 Strudel Recipes That Are Making Us Drool

Hungarian Sour Cherry Strudel via Playin’ With My Food — I love the sweet and sour combination in a dessert like this and though my phyllo pastry skills haven’t been perfected, this seems like a darn good way to try it out!

Easy Apple Strudel via Cook’s Illustrated — Autumn is the season for all sorts of delicious apples, so why not put them to work in an apple strudel like this one? This year I hope to make it out apple picking so we can make lots of recipes like this at home.

Poppyseed Strudel via Saveur — With a moist, sweet poppyseed filling, this traditional European recipe looks like it would wow the crowd. That is if you can manage to share it with anyone. I’ve had poppyseed strudels like this before and I’d be hard-pressed to let it out of my sight. Yum!

Turkey Cranberry Strudel via Recipe Girl — Move over Thanksgiving dinner, there’s a new recipe in town. I have never seen anything like this holiday-inspired strudel! Packed with your traditional Thanksgiving favorites, this recipe even has butternut squash inside. Be sure to serve it with a little cranberry sauce on the side.

Lavender Peach Strudel via Broma Bakery — I absolutely love cooking with lavender which makes this recipe jump to the top of my must-make list. Delicious!

Roasted Vegetable Strudel via Proud Italian Cook — This savory strudel is packed with the cook’s garden bounty and what a feast it would be! I love the combination of veggies and herbs here. I can almost taste it.

Cinnamon Pear Strudel via Carlsbad Cravings — This decadent strudel has been topped off with a tasty vanilla glaze and is packed with brown sugar and cinnamon pear filling. I love the texture and flavor of cooked pear and I bet this recipe turns out just perfect every single time.