I got my first tattoo when I was 18. My second after the birth of my daughter and another a year or so later. I adore my most recent tattoos, but I’ll admit that my teen self didn’t have the best judgment… a bit of advice I’ll pass on to my own daughter when that conversation comes up someday.

In the spirit of BEAUTIFUL tattoos, today I wanted to share some of the most lovely and tiny tattoos from across the web. I sort of wish I’d gone small for my first tattoo, but instead, I’ll always have some silly wings on my back. (But shh… That’ll be our secret.)

20 Totally Adorable Tiny Tattoos

20 Totally Adorable Tiny Tattoos

01. Line bracelet.

02. Warrior.

03. White Rabbit.

04. Celestial.

05. Little bow.

06. Heart.

07. Ankle anchor.

08. Tiny triangle.

20 Totally Adorable Tiny Tattoos

09. Wildflower.

10. Here comes the sun.

11. Scissors.

12. Bee.

13. Hashtag.

14. Mini whale.

20 Totally Adorable Tiny Tattoos

15. Tiny chevrons.

16. Two anchors.

17. Sisterly Roman numerals.

18. Origami inspired.

19. A dream is a wish your heart makes.

20. Pineapple.