You know I love to travel, love cruises, and love working with Carnival, right?

When I go on a Carnival cruise, I’m always so excited to tell everyone about it, but then I get back to real life and instead of sitting down to write about my cruise experience, I get carried away by my daydreams about my cruise experience. As much as I love my work, it’s hard to focus when I have images like this in my mind. 

What It's Live to Vacation on a Carnival LIVE Cruise

This is especially true of my Carnival LIVE cruise on the Splendor a couple of months ago. Carnival LIVE is like a cruise, combined with your favorite entertainers right on board. If you take a cruise in 2017, you could see anyone from Jay Leno to Tim McGraw. Seriously, Tim McGraw! There’s no waiting in line for tickets or hoping to get a good seat. You purchase your tickets when you buy your cruise tickets, and they are waiting for you in your gorgeous stateroom when you check in. Oh, have I mentioned how much I love the Carnival rooms?

What It's Live to Vacation on a Carnival LIVE Cruise

Of course, there’s also the food! If I start daydreaming about the food I’ll never get anything done! 

On my cruise, I saw Sam Hunt, a rock star country musician (if you haven’t heard). I love the way he combines the best of the singer/songwriter model with country music.

What It's Live to Vacation on a Carnival LIVE Cruise

It’s not just the guests that love the Carnival LIVE format. I actually got to talk to Hunt about performing on the cruise. Hunt said that for him performing on the cruise was an echo back to the early days of his career when he performed in smaller venues, as opposed to sold-out stadiums. As an audience member, I could really feel this and appreciate the intimacy of the show.

What It's Live to Vacation on a Carnival LIVE Cruise

I also cannot argue with Hunt’s appreciation of the scenery. He said, “Before leaving to come down, I looked at it as more like a work trip, and I was here maybe 45 minutes and we got out in the ocean and the switch in my head flipped to vacation mode, just right off the bat. I don’t think I realized how with access to the beach, just hanging out here with the guys with not too many obligations, we’ve had a lot of downtime, so I’m actually absolutely in vacation mode right now. It’s been one of the perks of this week, is being in a vacation community and also in a place as gorgeous as Cozumel is, so I’m definitely there.” I’m there with you Sam, believe me!

I got to meet Sam because I was interviewing him, but Carnival LIVE cruises offer VIP tickets to passengers for meet and greet/photo opps at really reasonable rates. You just can’t get this kind of access on land, that’s for sure.

What It's Like to Vacation on a Carnival LIVE Cruise

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If you could design your perfect cruise, where would you go and who would perform? 

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