The winter months can be really rough on your skin, and your regular beauty routine might need a bit of tweaking as the snow begins to fly. Today I wanted to share a few simple beauty tips and ideas that’ll help you feel your most beautiful all winter long.

Winter Beauty Tips

Are your heels cracking? When you get out of the shower, exfoliate with a pumice stone or something similar to slough off all of the dead skin. Then moisturize with your favorite cream — bonus points if it’s pepperminty and just for your feet!

At night, you can also put an extra helping of moisturizer on your feet, then slip on some cotton socks for sleepy skin treatment. This makes a HUGE difference for your tired, cracked, and dry footsies!

Feeling like you need a trip to the spa, but you just don’t have the time during the busy holiday season? Try making your own shower bombs with essential oils.

Winter Beauty Tips

Don’t forget your SPF care during the winter! Just because you’re not hitting the beach, doesn’t mean your skin isn’t craving protection. Stick with a moisturizer with a minimum of 15 SPF all year long.

While you’re moisturizing, you should find a lip balm with SPF protection as well. This will help those dry, chapped lips from causing you grief this winter. You can always apply it under your gloss or lipstick.

Be sure to take your vitamins during the winter months when we all tend to eat a little worse and workout a little less! It’s not a complete replacement, of course, but it’ll help you to keep your body feeling good throughout the most decadent time of year.

Winter Beauty Tips

This might seem obvious, but please don’t forget to drink water this winter! Fill up a bottle and keep it with you all day. This season gets SO super dry and you need to stay hydrated. Add a little lemon if you get bored. You can even add in some more herbal teas if that’s your thing!

Is your hair suffering this season? Revive your strands with a homemade hair oil treatment and a homemade hair mask. These natural recipes will help bring your lovely locks back to life!

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