10 Galaxy DIYs and Crafts

It seems that galaxy/nebula/space crafts and diys are all the rage these days and there is a good reason why. It’s cool!

10 Galaxy DIYs and Crafts

Today I am sharing sharing ten of my favorite galaxy projects from around the web!

Galaxy Eggs Craft

Galaxy Eggs

Galaxy Sneaker Craft

Galaxy Sneakers

Galaxy Dough Craft

Galaxy Dough

Galaxy Slime DIY

Galaxy Slime

Galaxy Desk Lamp DIY

Galaxy Desk Lamp

Galaxy Cuff Jewelry DIY

Galaxy Cuffs

Galaxy Wine Glass DIY

Galaxy Wine Glasses

Galaxy Nebula DIY

Bottled Nebula

Galaxy Pumpkin DIY Craft

Galaxy Pumpkin

Galaxy Envelope DIY

Galaxy Envelopes

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