DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Halloween is the time of year for skeletons and spooky decor and I absolutely love it. I also absolutely love the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil statues and I decided to pair the two concepts together as one. The final product is dark, a little spooky and a lot cute.

A trip to the dollar store proved just the place to find the supplies I needed for my wreath. The skeletons, creepy cloth and red roses I used cost me only $5! A trip to the hobby store for a grapevine wreath for $5 and I was set. For a total investment of $10 I have a unique, fun and dark wreath to hang on my front door to greet trick or treaters this year!

Want to make your own? You will need:

  • 18 inch grapevine wreath
  • black spray paint
  • 3  plastic skeletons (mine are from Dollar Tree)
  • fake red roses
  • spray paint in a contrasting color (optional)
  • hot glue gun
  • creepy cloth or ribbon to hang from

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Around this time of year you can purchase black roses at super stores and hobby stores like crazy. The only thing is that they tend to come at a premium since they are “in” for Halloween. Add to the fact that they are often a really dull, flat black and I say leave ‘em at the store.

Instead, I purchase red roses and lightly spray them with black spray paint. The roses have nice color and depth and are a whole lot more interesting, not to mention insanely cheaper!

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

I’ve seen these little skeletons all over the place and at a million different stores. Grab them where you can find them!

If yours have a hanger on the top of the skull as mine do, clip it off with a pair of scissors.

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Next, take your hot glue gun and affix the hands to your skeletons. One will have the eyes covered, the next the ears, and the final the mouth. You will have to bend the arms in a way that isn’t in the natural joint in the plastic form. It’s no biggie and it bends really easily. If your bend in the arm isn’t holding, squeeze some hot glue in for it to hold well.

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

If you want to change the color of your skeletons, now is the time to do so! This step is completely optional and totally at your discretion. Want some glittery skeletons? No problem! Thinking neon green? Get it! Whatever you choose to do here will look great and be totally to your taste!

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Next take your wreath and very lightly spray black randomly around. This will make the wreath a bit more ominous. You can try to cover the whole thing entirely in black if you prefer, but I like the idea of it being noticeable as gnarly dead branches!

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Now it is time to get your skeletons sitting on their perch! The wind here in Oklahoma is crazy… they don’t say “and the wind comes sweeping down the plain” for nothing. It gets crazy!

Because of that I needed to make sure that my little guys are stuck on there. 100% no question. To do that, I hot glued the heck out of them. I used a bit of glue on the front and connected the wreath to the pelvis. When dry, I flipped the wreath over and then really went to town gluing the backside to the wreath.

It is totally possible to attach these without having a humongous clear glob showing as I did, but if you’re messy like me, take some black paint and a brush and lightly cover any of the visible goo.

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Now it is time to get this sucker wrapped up! For the hanger you can use just about anything, really. I used a “creepy cloth” I got from the dollar store, but you can also use ribbon or anything else that strikes your fancy. Tie it onto the wreath and then tie a good double knot a good 5 inches away. This is where the wreath is going to hang from so make sure that your knot is good enough to hold the weight of  it.

Finally, slap on your roses around the top portion of the wreath in the most attractive placements.

DIY: No Evil Halloween Wreath

Hang this bad boy and enjoy your very inexpensive, very easy and very cute no evil Halloween wreath!


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