Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial I get that owls are huge right now. Even my mom loves them. To the point that my dad is all “enough with the owls!” And since I am an enabler, I thought I could make her some cute owl art that she can hang up in her hall bath.

There are a few problems with bathroom art that I have encountered myself including that anything with paper gets weird and curled up or discolored from the steam. Or sometimes water droplets form inside of the glass frame and if professionally framed, it’s freaky to open that sucker up and try to fix it.

Which is why I decided to go with burlap and embroidery for this little project. You can also embroider burlap or another fabric to make cushions. Or get white canvases or art paper instead of the burlap canvas. If you’re not into embroidery, you can also paint the little x’s in the design. It’s really pretty darn versatile. Which makes me think this could be super cute on guest towels… hmmm.

Now the plan is to make four of these to be hung in a grouping on the wall, all with different colors. But for now, only the one has been completed.

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial

For this project you will need:

  • Burlap canvas (mine is 8×8)
  • Metal tapestry needle
  • Yarn in 2 colors plus black and white
  • Free printable pattern (scale to fit your canvas)

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial Download your pattern, print to fit your canvas and trim the excess paper around the pattern.

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial  

This is a big ol’ tapestry needle. It looks mean because it is. Be very, very careful and wear a thimble if you don’t mind one. My finger looked like a polka dot factory after about 30 minutes working on this project!

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial  

Place onto the canvas as squarely as you can and hold it with your non-stitching hand.

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial  

First poke a hole from the top side, through the paper to start your stitching. Come back through the hole from the bottom and finish the first half of the cross.

You’ll need to start your first hole from the top rather than the bottom because the inside of the canvas has a tough, plastic-like coating that makes it impossible to simply poke around until you find the right spot.

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial  

Keep on working it until you have  completely stitched all of the available slots.

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial

Carefully tear away the paper from underneath when done. Alternatively, you can use a transfer pen or pencil to get the pattern onto the canvas, but since you can’t really toss a canvas in the washer I went with paper.

Embroidered Owl Burlap Canvas Tutorial

And there is the finished cutie! Now I’m not a big fan of owls myself, but dang!

And I just know my Momma will like it and I hope that you do also! Owl be seeing you next week. (I feel like that was so awful that it’s gone back around to awesome.)

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    Kassandra — April 5, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    I have to say a HUGE thank you for this pattern. I used it for a Perler Bead pattern (those beads you melt to make various things) and it turned out super cute. :)



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