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Homemade Iced Latte

One of the dilemmas that coffee-lovers face have during the summertime months is that nice cup of steaming hot mug ‘o joe. IT’S. JUST. TOO. HOT. Well, we have a solution to this problem and it’s so delicious that you may just turn to...


Ways To Wear A Rainbow!

There’s a lot of love happening for rainbows right no (yay!!) so let’s share it — and wear it! Here are some cute ways to wear a rainbow this season and spread the love! Rainbow Beach Jumper Super cute. Super 80s. Gotta have it! I want to snuggle...


How to Create a Safe Home This Summer

Do you remember school fire drills? I think just about every student in my elementary school loved the days when we’d do a fire drill because it got us out of class for about ½ hour while the school evacuated and we were all...

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Buy Playtex® Diaper Genie® Products, Get Rewarded

Hey moms, you deserve to be rewarded every single day and thankfully, brands like Playtex® know it!! As a brand that has been committed to understanding what’s most important to moms and babies for over 50 years (wow!), Playtex® is excited to invite you...