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My True Mom Confession

I am a woman who needs her sleep. You would not like me when I’m tired, my children don’t like me when I’m tired, I don’t like me when I’m tired. When my son (I won’t tell you which one so that he doesn’t...


Review: Disney’s “The BFG” Movie

Disclosure: Disney sponsored my travel, accommodations, and activities during my stay in Los Angeles.  I’m back with another post from my adventure to L.A. for “The BFG” event! If you missed my last post that includes my interview with Director Steven Speilberg and Ruby Barnhill (Sophie),...


Awesome “Finding Dory” Party Ideas!

My family was so excited for the release of “Finding Dory” in theaters a couple weeks ago. One of my guys wasn’t even around when “Finding Nemo” first came out, but we’ve all watched it more than a few times on DVD. I couldn’t wait for...