There’s something so delicate, feminine, and wildly artistic about a watercolor tattoo. Here are 13 tattoos to kickstart your own addiction!

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of tattoos. I have a handful of my own and have wrestled with the plan to get a watercolor tattoo, much like watercolor paintings, for quite some time. This delicate design is the most recent tattoo trends that tattoo lovers everywhere are excited about.

There’s something so delicate, feminine, and wildly artistic about a watercolor design tattoo versus traditional tattoos. The contrast of bright colors and a black outline “filled” with the dainty effect of watercolor paints is above and beyond the standard approach to colored tattoos. Truly works of art! 

Now to find my signature style for my water color tattoo. A floral tattoo? Crayon designs? Watercolor flower tattoos? So many options to explore! There is no bad or good choice.

As I think of getting a new tattoo, I’m seriously considering a watercolor tattoo design with vibrant colors. Which watercolor style? I’m not sure yet! There are so many different styles with delicate designs, geometric designs, watercolor designs, and brush strokes techniques that it’s hard to decide.

Syle of watercolor tattoos vary, as you’ll see below, from gentle color to black inks and on all body parts. 

Looking for a different look or types of tattoos? Explore the style of watercolor tattoos!

Here are 13 beautiful watercolor tattoos to kickstart your own addiction:

13 Breathtaking Watercolor Tattoos

1. A miniature, watercolor flamingo

A miniature, watercolor flamingo watercolor tattoo

2. Super rad best friend watercolor tattoos

Super rad best friend watercolor tattoos

3. Watercolor camera tattoo

Watercolor camera tattoo

4. Minimalistic watercolor bird tattoo

Minimalistic watercolor bird tattoo

5. Dope watercolor t-rex tattoo

Dope watercolor t-rex tattoo

6. Watercolor Stitch tattoo for the Disney lover in all of us

Watercolor Stitch tattoo for the Disney lover in all of us

7. Elaborate watercolor feather tattoo

Elaborate watercolor feather tattoo

8. Origami watercolor birds tattoo

Origami watercolor birds tattoo

9. A sunny sunflower

A sunny sunflower watercolor tattoo

10. Galactic watercolor lightning bolt tattoo

Galactic watercolor lightning bolt tattoo

11. Watercolor pink-frosted donut tattoo

Watercolor pink-frosted donut tattoo

12. Low-profile watercolor anchor tattoo

Low-profile watercolor anchor tattoo

13. World map watercolor tattoo

World map watercolor tattoo

There are so many tattoo styles to choose from, from the love of nature, floral work, a classic tattoo, to watercolor work. I find all body art beautiful and it is a great way to express one’s soul. 

So what style of tattoos do you currently have? I would love to see your beautiful ink designs in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed these vibrant works of body art with these bright colours and watercolour tattoos! Gorgeous watercolor tattoos surely provide a unique look and design look! Happy tattooing!