Looking to take your everyday baking to the next level? Impress your friends and family with these cool baking hacks!

I LOVE baking, but I’ll admit it’s not my forte in many ways. I love to experiment and I’m always trying to make recipes healthier or more allergen-friendly — which sometimes turns into a tasty mess! Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time pinning cool baking ideas, hoping to kick my baking skills up a notch and I’m coming across all sorts of baking hacks that I’ve tucked away in the back of my brain for the day I’ll need them!

15 Baking Hacks You Need To Know

Looking to take your everyday baking to the next level? Impress your friends and family with these cool baking hacks!

15 Baking Hacks You Need To Know

01. Keep your brown sugar from going rock hard in the bag or jar by adding a slice of apple and replacing it every few weeks.

02. Brown sugar is already mega-hard but do you need it NOW? Microwave it in a shallow baking dish with a damp paper towel laid over the top. 10-20 seconds should do the trick, but keep checking!

03. If your recipe calls for room temperature eggs, but you’ve forgotten to take them out of the fridge, simply pop them into a bowl of warm water (not hot, as the shells may crack) for about 5-10.

04. In need of ripe bananas for your intense banana bread craving? Bake them in your oven for about 40 minutes and they’ll be perfect!

05. If you’ve burned your chocolate chip cookies (whoops!) don’t scrap them just yet! All you need to do is shave off the burned bottom with a microplane!

06. Don’t have an icing bag? Don’t fret. You can make your own icing bag from a Ziploc baggy!

07. If you’ve forgotten to pick some up at the grocery store, you can make your own buttermilk using regular milk and lemon juice or vinegar.

08. Did you forget to take your butter out of the fridge so it would be at the right temperature for your next recipe? No worries, you can use your microwave on power level two — you don’t want to melt it!

09. Out of pumpkin pie spice? It’s ok. You probably have everything you need to make your own at home.

10. Make your own DIY sprinkles!

11. Dropped a bit of eggshell when you were cracking your eggs? Don’t chase it around — simply wet your finger and it will gravitate toward it so you can save yourself from a nasty, crunchy bite later!

12. No rolling pin? Use a wine bottle!

13. You may never buy whipped cream again when you see how easy it is to make in a Mason jar! Pour in your whipping cream and shake it like a polaroid picture!

14. Add Jello to your frosting to color it, instead of using food coloring. Experiment mixing colors until you get it just right!

15. Out of brown sugar? Make your own with white sugar and molasses!