My partner and I live in a two-story apartment that boasts about 700 square feet. Some might consider that to be fairly small, but it’s definitely not TINY. Definitely not as tiny as the amazing spaces I’m going to share with you today!

I’m pretty much obsessed with small-space living. Put me in a tiny home any day of the week and I’d be a happy camper — and actually, I AM a happy camper when we’re glamping at our trailer. Over the last few years I’ve downsized my possessions by at least 75% if not more and I’m still looking for ways to lessen the load, ditch the unnecessary, and really only have things in our house that are beautiful or useful.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but looking through images like the ones in the tiny apartment tours I’m about to share, definitely inspires me to go minimal and be choosy with the items in our space.


Having kids in a tiny apartment is even more of a challenge, and I AODRE what this couple has done to maximize the space all over their home. The kids’ room is just fantastic. You can see the full tour of their 500 square-foot San Francisco apartment over at A Cup Of Jo.


Sticking with San Francisco, I’m digging the kitchen in this tiny apartment! The kitchen in our home is actually one of the biggest rooms, but when you’re truly limited in your floor space, you’ve got to get creative. Check out this full apartment tour over at Apartment Therapy.


Not a single ounce of fabulousness was spared in the design of this studio apartment in New York City. Every inch has been taken care of and I LOVE it! Take a peek over at Fieldstone Hill Design.


There’s nothing I don’t LOVE about this apartment! I’m giddy just looking at it, actually! The simplistic black and white theme is perfected in the kitchen and they’ve brought a beautifully modern feel to each room, while it remains warm and inviting. They’re also making me want to buy fresh flowers... like RIGHT now! Check out the whole tour via POPSUGAR Home.


Lastly, this couple and their cute pup are loving their tiny loft in the Bronx. They’ve mastered the minimal and uncluttered feel, for sure! The whole tour can be found via Apartment Therapy.

What do you think about all these tiny spaces? Would you be into swapping your house for the tiny life?

PS. One of my favorite blogs in the world, Reading My Tea Leaves, has a whole section about life in a tiny apartment. Read it here!

PPS. This tiny apartment in Manhattan comes with a tiny backyard. I’m swooning over this one!