Baking soda is a rather magical substance. Though it may seem a bit boring, sitting in the back of your cupboard, waiting for the day you decide to whip up a batch of muffins, there are SO many other ways to put your baking soda to work! I’m sure we all know that an open box of baking soda can work wonders when it comes to deodorizing your fridge, but I promise you, there’s so much more you can do with this simple pantry staple!

Baking Soda: 10 Cool Ways To Use It!

01. Boost your next load of laundry! Add in a cup of baking soda to your next wash load, along with your regular detergent, for a super clean. Plus, if you’re washing your gym clothes or swimming gear, you’ll get rid of icky smells too.

02. De-stinkify the kitty litter! Sprinkle baking soda into your cat’s litter box to help neutralize the odor.

03. Make your kitchen sink shine! Using baking soda and a little vinegar, give your sink a nice scrub and watch it sparkle!

04. Make your own deodorant! With a mixture of coconut oil, baking soda, a few more ingredients, you can make your own natural deodorant that’s effective and easy on your skin!

05. Make holiday ornaments! With just baking soda, water, and some corn starch, you can create beautiful ornaments to decorate your home this holiday season. A perfect craft to try with the kids!

06. Us it as a dry shampoo! Tame your greasy locks between showers with a simple dry shampoo made with baking soda!

07. Neutralize your scorpion stings! I’m told this truly works — though I can’t say I’d recommend being stung by a scorpion at all. However, if it happens, some say you can use a paste of baking soda and water to minimize the sting. Please also seek medical advice!

08. Use it as a leavening agent in your cake batter! Want a super fluffy cake? All you’ve got to do is mix baking soda with lemon juice at the final stage of your batter — it’ll create an intense foam — and work it thoroughly into your batter as the final step before baking. Hello, fluffy cake deliciousness!

09. Make your own toothpaste! Polish your pearly whites clean with this simple-to-make DIY toothpaste recipe. Your teeth will be happy and your wallet will be too because each batch will cost you less than $1.50! Excellent.

10. Deodorize your smelly shoes and boots! Sweaty feet = stinky shoes. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda in your shoes, let it sit for a while, then shake it out — outside of course! Works on your gym bag too!

I hope you can use some of these neat baking soda ideas in your daily life, folks! And if you like what you see, feel free to share this post via your favorite social media sites!

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Photo source: katalopolis via photopin cc