A few years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of making your own facial cleanser or laundry detergent, but times have changed. It is frugal to make it yourself and dang it, it just feels good knowing that you are self-sufficient.

I came across this recipe for Orange Vinegar over at Little Brick Ranch and decided to give it a try. I had used basic water & plain vinegar solution in the past and liked it and the addition of the scent and cleaning properties of the citrus oils seemed like a great idea.

Easy DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaning Solution

The original recipe used oranges only, which is totally fine, but I had a bunch of lemons and oranges on the counter so I combined them. Plan on using a few pieces of fruit per large jar. Ready for the recipe?

Easy DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaning Solution

DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaning Solution
Makes one quart

  • 2 Lemons
  • 2 Oranges
  • vinegar
  • water (used later, see below)

1. If you’d like, juice the lemons and oranges first and save the juice for other uses. Using a spoon, scrape out the fleshy parts, leaving just the outer skin and the white pith.

2. Add to a quart-size jar. Fill with vinegar and cap the jar. Let sit for about 2 weeks, then strain out the peels. Rinse out the canning jar. Add the strained liquid back to the jar & cap. This is the concentrated cleaning solution.

3. To prepare for use you will need a clean spray bottle (size of your choosing) and a funnel. Fill the spray bottle 3/4 of the way up with water. Using the funnel, pour the citrus vinegar mix into the spray bottle. Shake to combine. Store this solution in the fridge.