Many moons ago, 2001 to be exact, I created an eBay account. The concept was genius: auction-style and “buy it now” listings for anything you could possibly want or need in your life. Even those hard-to-find items, like vintage decor, retro dresses, or one-of-a-kind collections. I was hooked! I even created a business buying and selling for years (a proud Power Seller, in fact) before I entered the blogging world.

I’m still a loyal eBay customer, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to partner with eBay on creating a costume for this Halloween. This was a chance to get really creative with one of my favorite shopping platforms, too!

Figuring out a Halloween costume was the hardest part because there are SO MANY possibilities, especially with eBay at your fingertips. One thing that I kept in mind while thinking of my costume was purchasing pieces that I could also integrate into my everyday wardrobe. My style is already boho-inspired, so a fortune teller or gypsy made a whole lotta sense to me!

DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume


For each item I bought, I used the “Buy it Now” feature so that I could get the items as soon as possible. Here is what I purchased:

DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume

BLACK Gothic Belly Dancer Dance Dancing Gypsy SILVER COIN HIP SCARF SHIMMY BELT – $19.99 w/ FREE shipping

This shimmy belt can be worn around the waist, around the head, or across the body as I did. It’s jiggingly, covered with faux coins, and a whole lotta fun!
DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume

4 Pcs Gold Head Chain Jewelry For Women Gypsy Bollywood Halloween Indian Headband – $18.99 w/ FREE shipping

This listing included four head chains and I chose to wear all four together to create a bolder look. I used bobbie pins in the back of my hair to secure them into place.
DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume


The skirt makes the outfit! This gypsy-inspired skirt comes in several different colors, so it was hard to decide which direction to go. I ended up with purple and I 💜 it!
DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume

Womens Ladies Low Mid Block Heels Booties Ankle Boots Zipper Shoes Wedge Pumps – $20.99 w/ FREE shipping

These inexpensive strappy ankle boots were the perfect low-profile boot to wear on the bottom. Another option would be a strappy sandal.
DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume

5-Piece Ring Set, Witchy Gypsy Bohemian Boho Hippie Style, Geometric Midi-Rings – $7.09 w/ FREE shipping

Lots of rings were crucial for my look, so I opted for this very affordable 5-piece ring set. So cute!
DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume

Gypsy Costume 3-Coin Hook Earrings, Bohemian Boho Ethnic Turkish Jewelry – $4.09 w/ FREE shipping

To finish the look, I purchased these coin dangle earrings, which added more jingle and depth to my costume.

My top is simply a white lace bra that I already had in my closet. Other options for tops include a peasant top, a cami, or tank top.

For makeup, I went with dark gray eyeshadow, dark red lipstick and lots of dark eyeliner. For hair, I used a flat iron to create beach waves. Easy peasy!

Fun, right? And now I have fun jewelry and clothing pieces that I can wear every day, too.

Looking for a fun Halloween costume this year? I hope you’ll check out for inspiration!

DIY Fortune Teller Gypsy Halloween Women's Costume

Happy Halloween! 👻