There are few holidays that are as openly cheesy as Valentine’s Day. On this occasion, you can say and purchase items that say the dorkiest things about love and friendship and not only is it appreciated, but it is also encouraged! Cute little sayings like ‘XOXO’ or simple statements ‘LOVE’ will get the job done, but when, for once, it’s socially acceptable to make the most of a pun, why not just go for it?

Easy, Quirky and Fun DIY Valentine Gifts

Here I’ve put a list together of my favorite nerdy pairings. You’ll find something little and easily accessible. Perhaps you already have just the thing at home, otherwise, a quick trip to the dollar store or grocery store should have you set in most cases.

Easy, Quirky and Fun DIY Valentine Gifts

Did you know you can cut on the banana’s peel to make words or designs? The cut areas will darken but it won’t damage the fruit which makes it perfect for special lunch messages!


  • Mints – You are ‘mint’ for me. We are ‘mint’ to for each other.
  • Gum – I’m so stuck on you. I will always ‘chews’ you.
  • Pop Rocks or Rock Candy – You rock.
  • Tootsie Roll – This treat is for you, Toots.
  • Fruit Roll-Ups – I like the way you roll.
  • Fresh Fruit – I’m bananas for you. You’re the apple of my eye. We make quite a ‘pear’. You are ‘berry’ lovely.
  • Mixed Nuts – You make me nuts.
  • Goldfish Crackers – What a catch. You’re quite a catch.
  • S’mores Kit (can be homemade) – I love you s’more than you know.
  • Soda – You’re s0-da man.
  • Raisins – There are so many ‘raisins’ I love you.
  • Tea – You are my ‘sweet tea’. (check out last week’s post for more!)

Easy, Quirky and Fun DIY Valentine Gifts


  • Spoon – You’re the one I want to spoon. (could even stamp the spoon with the anniversary date!)
  • Candle – You light up my life.
  • Key – You hold the key to my heart.
  • Toy Ball – I get a kick out of you. Have a ball this Valentine’s Day.
  • Toy Car – I ‘wheelie’ like you. I love the way you roll.
  • Bucket and shovel – I dig you.
  • Sewing Kit – I love you ‘sew’ much.
  • Ruler – You rule.
  • Pencil or Pen – You’re just ‘write’ for me.
  • Colors – For ‘crayon’ out loud you’re an amazing Valentine.
  • Map – You mean the world to me.
  • Stickers – I’m stuck on you.
  • Bubbles – You take my breath away. You blow me away.
  • Match Game – We’re a perfect match.
  • Razor – I mustache you to be my Valentine, but I may ‘shave’ it for another day.


  • Dozen Roses, 11 red + one other – There’s a special one that stands out in every bunch.
  • Tulips – Will these tulips get me two lips tonight?
  • Shoes – We make quite a pair.
  • Fishing Rod, Accessories – You’re quite a catch. I’m hooked on you.
  • Mixer – My heart beats for you.
  • Telescope – You’re out of this world.
  • Sewing Machine – I love you ‘sew’ much.
  • MP3 Player –  You rock.
  • Charm Bracelet – You’re my lucky charm.


  • If your lady likes flowers but thinks that cut ones are a waste, now is the time of year to purchase bulbs.
  • Budget looking pretty slim? A mixtape or playlist of your favorite/special songs could be a total dark horse.
  • Don’t go too big. Yeah, you can give a 52-inch plasma tv to your significant other at Christmas, but on Valentine’s it’s overkill. Keep the gift-giving proportionate to the holiday.
  • You can have a romantic meal in. Consider this if your love isn’t keen on crowds.
  • Do something for your Valentine that they don’t like to do, like clean out their car and give it a nice wash.
  • Don’t bother buying or making coupon books. Are they sweet? Yeah, but have you ever remembered to trade your ticket in for a foot massage 2 months later? Me neither.
  • If you’re a guy and plan on giving your gal a necklace, bracelet, or another small thing please, please make sure that it isn’t in a box similar to what an engagement ring typically comes in. Think about it. Run the scenario through in your head really quickly. You’re welcome.