Coca-Cola sponsored my travel, accommodations, and other expenses for my trip to India.

Many of you have been asking about my recent trip to India, especially why I was invited and what Coca-Cola’s purpose was for sending me and seven other bloggers there. During my journey to India, I recorded each day on Instagram and Facebook, but in case you missed it, I’m capturing it here as well.

Thank you for following, supporting, and listening.

Day 1.

I arrived at the Will Rogers Airport in plenty of time for my first leg to Bangalore, India – OKC->DFW (a 30-minute flight).

The flight was on time, I boarded as normal and was even able to score a whole row to myself.

We began to pull away from the gate, but then shortly headed right back. The pilot came on the intercom to let us know that all flights to DFW had been delayed due to weather.

We sat. And sat. And sat another 1.5 hours until we were finally cleared to takeoff.

Because of the delay, my connection to Doha, Qatar was going to be REALLY tight and likely not possible.

Two other bloggers from the group were on the same flight to Doha (the second leg of my trip) and were keeping me updated. They were also letting the crew know that I was indeed coming and getting to the gate as quickly as I could.

Once I landed at DFW, which was around 8:00 pm at this point (originally set for 6:40 pm), I quickly exited the plane and began to run to my next gate (which, of course, was in a different terminal miles away).

I kept the two bloggers updated on my progress. “Running!” “I’m on the Skylink!” All the while, they were pleading with the crew to wait on me. I could see my plane at the gate from the Skylink, which was such a helpless feeling.

When I finally arrived at the gate for Doha, literally gasping for air from sprinting with a 25-pound backpack and equally heavy roller suitcase, the counter was empty and the doors were closed.

I saw a security agent nearby and pleaded that she tries to get me on the plane. She tried, but could not find anyone to help. The plane moved away from the jetway. It was like a scene from a movie.

I was literally minutes, maybe seconds late in making the Doha connection. The connection that made up the bulk of my flight to India. The flight had two familiar faces on it who were going to the same destination. It was heartbreaking.

I was soon surrounded by ten or so other passengers who, too, missed the Doha flight. We asked the same security agent what we should do (since the counter was unmanned) and she lead us to the Qatar Airways ticket counter.

On the way to the ticket counter, I chatted with a man who had come from Tulsa, OK (small world) that was also heading to Bangalore, India by way of Doha (again, small world) and was equally disappointed about the flight leaving us behind. We walked together, sharing the crazy travel stories that we had experienced that day.

After some back and forth between the Qatar Airways counter and the American Airlines counter (who was responsible for the delayed first leg) and back at Qatar Airways again, I was rebooked on a new flight for the following evening, which was the fastest route to get to my final destination. I’m currently still here in Dallas, killing time before my flight leaves this evening.

On the bright side – I am only missing dinner with the Coca-Cola group Monday night and will arrive early Tuesday morning to jump right into the activities.

I am sure that I will be quite exhausted not having the extra time to unwind/relax like the other ladies, but such is the case with international travel anyway. Actually, such is the case with any travel. It’s unpredictable and even when it’s heartbreaking and disappointing, you just have to roll with the punches and find the good in the delay.

So, what will I do with my long delay? I’ll take a long bath. And watch some tv. Write. I’ll also meet a local friend for lunch. Things could be MUCH worse.

Stay tuned for Day 2 of my journey to India and follow #5by20 for updates from myself and the group.

Coca-Cola sponsored my travel, accommodations, and other expenses for my trip to India.