This week — for the first time in nearly three years! — I picked up my knitting needles! I think I finished my last project while pregnant with Gretchen, and I have no idea why I got out of it. I’m an amateur at best, but thankfully I’m surrounded by talented knitters (including one friend who just happens to own the sweetest little yarn shop!), so I’m hoping to snatch up as many lessons from them as possible.

Now that I’m back into drooling over pretty yarn like it’s candy, I wanted to share some lovelies that I’ve recently come across. (Etsy is a dangerous place for a yarn lover, folks!)

beautiful yarn modern

1. I really want to touch this handspun softness from Sheeping Beauty, 2. This yarn from 1AZC makes me think of mermaids, 3. How pretty is this purple hank of cashmere sock yarn from Blissful Knits & Dyeworks? and 4. I have a feeling that this bulky beauty from Yarn & Art might just smell like pumpkin pie… or at least I hope it does!

There’s just so much out there! I want to roll in it! And by roll in it, I mean, I’d like to find lots of simple-ish patterns to start with, so that I might perfect a few skills before moving on to the big leagues.

So, any knitters in the crowd? What’s your favourite yarn to work with? Favourite pattern? Best knitty tips?