With all the excitement about the Minions movie, we’re seeing a lot of Minion love pop up all over the place! If your kiddos are way into Despicable Me and these cute little yellow dudes, they’re going to LOVE these cool DIYs and recipes! Whether you’re planning a party or just looking for something fun to do this summer, check out these Minion-ish ideas and have fun!

MINION DIYs & Recipes For Your Little Fans!

Minion Lollipops

These super cute treats are made from a candy that takes me back to rollerskating at our local roller rink — hello, Jolly Ranchers! These would be the perfect little treat to hand out as a thank you to birthday party guests.

Minion Hooded Towel

Cozy up after bath time with this adorable DIY hooded towel. If you’re into sewing, you could whip up a few of these for holiday gifts next year. Just planning ahead, friends!

Minion Piñata

Bust out the balloons and craft supplies for this cool piñata DIY! So cute you almost won’t want the kiddos to take a swing at it. Darn.

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Minion Hama Beads

You can make a whole tribe of Minions with these awesome hama bead templates! Plus, this is the perfect craft for keeping kids busy on a rainy day. It takes just about forever to find all the right colors, but they’ll be so into it they won’t even notice!

DIY Minion Costume

Want to dress up as your favorite little Minion? This DIY will have you looking at the part in no time! Perfect for Halloween… or just because!

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Minion Marshmallows

Delicious! Now you can have your Minions and eat them too. Plus, these look like they’d be so much fun to eat… although maybe a few marshmallows will go missing in the process. Shh. I swear it wasn’t me.

Minion Slime

Ok, time to get messy! Find out how you and the kiddos can make your very own slimy creation — with a super cute Minion twist!

Minion Pin Cushion

Ok, this might take the cake as the very cutest Minion DIY out there! You could probably just make these and call them little stuffed animals for your kids, but if you’re a sewer, this is pretty much the cutest place you could keep your pins. Love it!