No, we don’t celebrate Santa.

Why We Don’t Celebrate Santa.

Yes, we do celebrate Christmas.

Do we care if you celebrate Santa?  Nope.

Do you care if we choose not to?  Yes.

Of course, I am generalizing when I say “you.”  I’m sure many of “you” have no problem with our decision, and maybe even practice it yourself.  I just haven’t met you yet.  I am generalizing because MOST of the reactions I get from strangers, friends, and some family members are shock and disappointment.  Most of the time I don’t even bring it up, and just smile and nod when the sweet stranger at the store asks my youngest, “Are you ready for Santa?”

You’re probably wondering why we don’t celebrate Santa, huh? First, let me say that we do not discriminate against those who choose to do Santa, The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Superman, etc., it’s just not our thing.


Remember, this is just our opinion, and you have the right to yours, as well.  We think investing, believing, and hyping something to the point of calling it real, but is in fact not real at all, isn’t necessary for our children.  We think that a child’s imagination and wonder can still be stimulated without these beliefs.  That is all.  We don’t freak out if our kids see Santa movies or memorabilia-we just teach them that he’s a made-up character, just like Batman or Donald Duck. Our nine-year-old still gets just as excited as any other kid on Christmas day, even though he knows we bought the presents.  Presents are pretty darn cool all by themselves. I think Santa is so buried into America’s traditions and way of life, that we do not question why we do it and feel obligated to partake in the experience.

I wonder, why do we get the reaction from others that we do?  Why do so many take it so hard? Why is it a requirement to celebrate Santa and am I really harming my children by not doing so?

Maybe you can enlighten me.  Do you celebrate Santa and why?  OR do you choose not to celebrate Santa and other imaginary characters and why?

Show me some love folks.