With the first day of Spring just behind us and Earth Day coming up next month, the topic of our planet and waste and recycling has come up a lot around our house. We recycle a LOT here (often motivated by the fact that we pay for garbage pickup!) so it’s something that’s often on my mind. We try to purchase items with as little packaging as possible and I prefer to donate items to thrift shops and charities instead of tossing them. We’re far from perfect in our consumption and recycling efforts, but I figure every baby step is a step in the right direction!

With so much waste in our world, I also think it’s awesome when you can create something totally new out of something you may have thrown away — which is why today I wanted to share some of my favorite upcycling projects! Get creative and save something from the landfill with these fun DIYs. Have fun!

13 Fun Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

13 Fun Upcycling Projects

Find out how the folks at My Love 2 Create made a funky laundry crate out of an old deck!

Head over to Hutch Studio to make your own spoon hangers that can be used outside to hang glass jars with flowers and such! Love this simple DIY!

Did you know you can create an entire mosaic using old CDs? I’m stunned by the gorgeous colors that come through in this project from Me And My DIY.

I never would have thought to turn a crib into a bookshelf! This creative project from Tip Junkie is a great way to upcycle a crib that no longer meets safety standards.

If your family has a lot of gadgets, you might like this DIY charging station made out of an old toolbox. Find out how to make it happen over at The Happy Housie.

Turn your old sweaters into pillows with this simple DIY over at Infarrantly Creative. So cozy!

Turn a load of unused plastic cutlery into a gorgeous chrysanthemum spoon mirror following this DIY from Addicted 2 Decorating. I love the colours they chose for this project!

Did you know you can make bookshelves from rain gutters? I’m loving this idea from Sunshine On The Inside.

13 Fun Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

Make your own beautiful lanterns from tin cans! This cool DIY is from right here at Mom Spark!

From nightstand to play kitchen, this transformation over at Paint On The Ceiling is so incredibly creative!

Bring your herb garden inside with this funky Mason jar upcycle from Camille Styles. Mmm, I would love to use more fresh herbs in my daily cooking!

Make your own rings from spoons! It’s easier than you might think! Just check out the how-to over at Through The Front Door.

I always pick up old colanders from thrift shop because they are beautiful, but often rusted so I wouldn’t use them with food. However, I’d love to make this colander hanging basket from Sadie Seasongoods!