DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

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DIY: Easy Mason Jar LuminariesHave you ever gone to the craft store with a project in mind and had the entire thing just absolutely flop in your face? All I wanted to do was make some neat mood lighting out of mason jars, and I gotta tell you things were rough! I already had pint and half pint jars on hand, but I went ahead and got a totally smooth quart mason jar from the hobby store.

My first idea was to do the whole epsom salt luminary but without glue. I boiled the salt and water down and applied it to my jars just knowing it would crystallize beautifully and, well, it didn’t. Russell came home and went *sigh* “why are all of those mason jars dirty?” Yep, they just looked dirty. It was so disappointing and a full day of efforts down the drain.

So then I was going to attempt a new way to tint the jars different colors (you might remember I tinted them with Mod Podge and food coloring a while back and it was a smashing success). Things were going great and I was so stoked and then out of nowhere, while finishing curing in the oven, the paint starts to blister and pop. Seriously?

DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

I was just about sick of the whole project and since I have a tendency to walk off in the store found myself alone and unable to find my shopping accomplice. The only thing to do in this situation is to have the person paged with something like “Mr. B, your mistress is waiting at the customer service counter” OR go peruse the clearance aisle or another aisle that gets a large amount of sighs and groans that keep you from it on a normal shopping trip.

And that is when I found these awesome little glass gems for 50 cents a bag. I snapped them up knowing that I was going to put these guys on my glass jars, fingers crossed that it would work out well. And guess what? In the end I’ve got some gorgeous faceted jars that shimmer and shine or make pretty light patterns around them. It is wonderful!

DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

For this project you will need:

DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

Hot glue your gems to the glass…

DIY: Easy Mason Jar LuminariesCovering it as fully as possible.

DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

Add your tea lights (battery operated or actual flame). You can leave the lid off, put it back on (if battery operated) or use just the lid with out the seal if real flame.

My battery lights weren’t powerful enough to cast much of a glow, but the flickers underneath the glass were gorgeous. Great for interior lighting.

DIY: Easy Mason Jar LuminariesBut you also have the option of making these mason jar solar light lids from the tutorial at Garden Therapy. This tutorial is seriously sooo easy – and each one costs you about $0.97 rather than $12 it costs to purchase a mason jar solar lid!

DIY: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

These are great for outdoor lanterns and that’s how these will be used. The extra weight from the stones make them heavy enough that I don’t worry too much about easily getting blown over by the wind and shattering. Oh, and the darker it is, the prettier both versions are but it’s totally impossible to get a good picture that way!

This may go down as the easiest DIY ever on Mom Spark (though not the least time consuming considering all of my personal craft fails)! Which do you prefer? The soft gold flicker or the bright blue stunner?