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10 Sensory Bins For Fall

Have you ever made a sensory bin for your kids? These can be super simple or as elaborate as you like, but I can pretty much guarantee your toddlers and school age kids will have a blast searching through for treasures and squeezes the different objects...


7 Strudel Recipes That Are Making Us Drool

With autumn comes a craving for comfort foods. As soon as I feel that first crisp night or see those first few leaves turn orange, I’m all about cider, pumpkin spice, soups, and (let’s be honest here) anything carb-heavy. It’s hard to crave a...


Buffalo Chicken Dip Stuffed Peppers

When you think of a recipe where “stuffing” is required, you may immediately picture one that is unhealthy and full of fat. Am I on the right track? This is why we have chosen to stuff a vegetable today. A pepper, to be exact....


How to Be a Hunger Hero!

The back to school season bring lots of reasons to celebrate with your kids. They’ve headed back to the classroom (hopefully with excitement for a new year!), they’re trying out for sports teams, and they’re bringing home new projects and scoring big on tests....