DIY Lemon and Honey Facial

DIY Lemon and Honey Facial

If your skin is feeling dry and is in the need of a little TLC I have a great recipe for you, courtesy of diyNatural. Lemon, honey and olive oil are mixed together to create a simple facial mask that you can use three times a week to refresh your skin.

Ready for the recipe?

Note: I would recommend squeezing the juice from the lemon into a bowl. Strain any pulp or seeds from the juice.  Measure the lemon juice using teaspoons or tablespoons. Then based on this measurement, add in the same amount of honey and olive oil to your lemon mixture.

Place a small funnel over the top of your snap top bottle and pour the mixture in to your bottle. After the bottle is fully used up, clean the container well with soap.

DIY Lemon & Honey Facial

1 lemon


pure olive oil

1. Add equal parts fresh lemon juice, pure olive oil and honey to a clean snap top bottle. Shake to combine. The mixture will separate over time so shake well before using.

To use: Pour about a quarter size amount of the mixture into your hand. Rub the mixture all over your face. Let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse the mixture off with warm water, using a clean wash cloth to gently massage it off.