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Disney Cruise Products from Etsy

As you know, my family has booked another Disney Cruise that sails this March, so I have been on the lookout for ways I can add a little fairy dust to our vacation. I often browse and shop on Etsy, as I love supporting small...


Have Fun and Say it with Pepsi Emojis

A lot of parents I know don’t like texting. They especially don’t like how texting has reduced the need for spelling, punctuation, and even words. My teenager can have an entire conversation with friends with nothing but emojis. Personally, I like emojis. When my...


I’m Cruising on Carnival for the First Time!

It isn’t often that Ryan, my husband, and I escape from home together. Just the two of us? Alone? It’s quite rare. When we do get a chance to slip away, it’s typically to a local event or for a quick bite to eat. It’s almost never in...