Coca-Cola sponsored my travel, accommodations and other expenses for my trip to India.

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Day 5.

This day consisted of a lot of travel.

Early in the morning, we flew to Ahmedabad, located in West India. The goal for the day was to visit the HCCBPL Plant (bottling plant) and the Sewing Center at Goblej, as well as the “Splash Bar”. After that, back on a plane to New Dehli.

The first stop was the bottling plant. I have been to several factories and bottling plants in the past, but never a Coca-Cola facility. The workings were very similar to what I had seen before, with one HUGE difference – this plant practices water stewardship in a BIG way by reducing the quantity of water used in manufacturing beverages, recycling and reusing wastewater, and supporting water replenishing activities. I found this section of the plant fascinating, especially seeing the process of taking dirty water, treating it, and making it clean.

Journey to India: Day 5


Goblej Village. #5by20

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Next up was visiting the Sewing Center – a facility that provides an additional source of income for women in the area – and speaking to the women who are employed there. The talent and creativity of these women were AMAZING. The garments were simply beautiful and stunning. The women told us how proud they were of their work and how happy they were that they can now bring in money for their families. Female entrepreneurs in the making!

Journey to India: Day 5

After the Sewing Center, we journeyed to the Splash Bar, a pop-up cooler that offers Coca-Cola products at an affordable price, as well as provides entrepreneur opportunities for women. The Splash Bar is extremely simple and can be easily put in small retail outlets, villages, and crowded small spaces in urban/semi-urban low-income areas. Shree Khodiyar, the owner of the particular Splash Bar we visited, told us that she can now supplement her home’s income and feels empowered to run this business. Before the Splash Bar, Shree’s only work options were labor-related jobs. What an inspiring woman.

Journey to India: Day 5

We then hopped on another plane, this time for New Dehli.

Stay tuned for Day 5 (read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4) of my journey to India and follow #5by20 for updates from myself and the group. and if you missed it.

Coca-Cola sponsored my travel, accommodations, and other expenses for my trip to India.