10 Earth Day Activities For Kids

With Earth Day is coming up right around the corner, why not plant the seeds of environmental-friendliness in a creative way with your kids! Kids love to know they are helping out and being able to take small steps to help the Earth is such a big deal to them — as it should be to everyone! These Earth Day crafts and activities will get your whole family thinking about Mother Nature!

Check out these awesome ideas below and be sure to pin your favourites to try them out this week!

10 Earth Day Activities For Kids

10 Earth Day Activities For Kids

01. I am so loving this garden sensory bin. Kids would LOVE getting messy and digging in the dirt! (via Mess For Less)

02. This Earth Day sun catcher will brighten any window! (via No Time For Flash Cards)

03. Kids can make their own papier-mâché globes that light up at night with a beautiful glow! (via Housing A Forest)

04. Your kids will LOVE making this cute and craft bug house! (via Classic Play)

05. Make your own natural paint brushes from things your kids collect in nature, like these awesome cedar branches! (via Learn Create Love)

10 Earth Day Activities For Kids

06. Grow a meadow indoors by planting your seeds in a shallow tray. Once it’s all ready, kids can play with their toy animals in the grass after it grows! (via Nurture Store)

07. These cool terrariums are a great way to teach kids exactly why is needed for plants to survive and how a terrarium can create the proper environment. (via Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds)

08. Make your own fruit Earth! A great idea for Earth Day breakfast! (via JDaniel4’s Mom)

09. Create a backyard feast for birds with some very simple ingredients and a little imagination! (via Hoosier Handmade)

10. Plan a fun scavenger hunt in the backyard with your kids! They will love searching for all the items on your list! (via Hands On As We Grow)

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